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'Tis the Season to Give Forgiveness, Praise and Love

More valuable than the latest tech gadget, more important than finding the most sought-after toy are the gifts last a lifetime. This Christmas, consider shelving the materialism of the season by giving just a present or two(or maybe none at all), and instead give a gift more precious than the rest in a heartfelt letter. What, you ask, should be in this letter? Write down those things that are often the hardest to say:

Give the gift of Forgiveness. Nothing is more devastating to a relationship than withholding forgiveness, and nothing heals a relationship faster than giving it. Are you clinging to a grudge or past wrong? This Christmas, let it go and make amends...it will be one of the most valuable gifts you'll give.

Give the gift of Praise. It's easy to overlook how important this gift is. For children, this gift is essential and can change their life. This season, begin to give this gift freely and often. And if it's written down, the receiver will have something to buoy them during life's hard moments.

Give the gift of Love. It's often the hardest thing to say to someone, but it's so vital. Humans need love, we crave and are drawn to it. Why are we often so stingy with it? Give it more to those you love by saying and showing it, and start by putting it in a letter.

A Christmas to remember might be one where you decide as a family to bypass the presents and each write a thoughtful letter to one another. It will be one gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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